Bodegas Tierra Savia is a wine-growing project that was born and developed in the heart of the Sierra Morena Sevillana, between the towns of Cazalla de la Sierra and Alanís. At 700 m altitude, camouflaged in the landscape of mountains and pastures, it makes all its wines naturally.


The winery is protected by the Protected Geographical Indication «Vinos de la Tierra de la Sierra Norte de Sevilla», whose facilities are located at the foot of the field, surrounded by vineyards, where these quiet, ecological and natural wines are produced and made.
The particular way of understanding viticulture that the Tierra Savia project has, lies in paying special attention to the care and maturation of the grape, collecting it manually, and at the most appropriate time. To achieve the maximum expression of the terroir, the vineyard is grown organically, conserving biodiversity and improving the structure of the soils.
In the elaboration of the wines, the varietal aromas of the grape itself are respected, vinifying at a low temperature and carrying out each operation manually, from the harvest to the packaging of each bottle. The quality of our wines resides in each step, where the care and passion used are perceived in the history that each one of them tells us.


We produce young reds in French and American oak barrels, which rest in aging rooms in silence, so that they age slowly, calmly, and in this way enhance all the potential that the soil has given them. On the other hand, we make monovarietal white wines, with grape varieties that have adapted perfectly to our mountain climate, such as Viognier or Verdejo.


Tierra Savia is located in the Sierra Norte de Sevilla Natural Park, an area declared as a Biosphere Reserve, belonging to the Natura 2000 Network, and whose skies were recognized in 2014 as the largest Starlight Astronomical Reserve in the world.
This region has a huge winemaking tradition since the 15th century, being then the main exporter of wine to America and the germ of the most famous spirits.
The area of Sierra and pasture mountains coexists with the Iberian pig, herds of cows and sheep, and even goats for the production of cheeses.