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In 1849, whilst exploring Andalucia in southern Spain, Don Antonio de Orleans (The Duke of Montpensier and son of King Louis Philippe of France) came across Sanlucar de Barrameda at the mouth of the Guadalquivir river.The Duke loved the fishing village and it’s superb sunsets so much, that he decided to settle down there. Amongst other commercial activities he soon became involved in the cultivation of vineyards – this business is now known as Torrebreva.In 1948, Alfonso and Beatriz, the descendants of the Orleans Borbon family decided to expand into the Brandy and Sherry business and founded the Bodega de los Infantes de Orleans Borbon.From day one meticulous care has been the priority in the small production runs of both the sherries and brandies resulting in the company being proud to offer exceptional quality.

Sanlucar de Barrameda:

The town which is located at the mouth of the Guadalquivir river, is surrounded by areas of great environmental importance. These include the famous Donana National Park, the Algaida Pine Forest and the Bonanza marshlands where you can witness the spectacular sight of flamingos.The Donana National Park has now been declared a Reserve of ecological Biosphere which can only be accessed by the «Real Fernando» boat which travels up and down the Guadalquivir river or you can explore the interior on a four-wheel drive vehicle trip.
Historically, Sanlucar de Barrameda’s was one of Spain’s busiest trading ports with America.
Christopher Columbus set sail on his third trip to the States from here and Magellan also chose Sanlucar to start his first circumnavigation.Since early days numerous cultures have converged on the town which has led to a rich legacy especially during the era of travels to the new world.
Over the centuries the town expanded with notable buildings such as the Cargadore a Indias, various Palaces and cloistered churches. There is also an impressive castle and beautiful Manzanilla wineries.
This together with a unique urban layout captivates visitors to the town. The excellent wines and famous King prawns form the centrepieces of an exquisite local cuisine that satisfies the most discerning of eaters.

From February through to November, the rich cultural legacy is reflected in the festive calendar with a broad series of events such as the Holy Week, Feria of Manzanilla together with the classical music and Flamenco festivals. One must also mention the Horse Racing festival which takes place along the shore of the beach with the backdrop of the beautiful sunsets. This infact, has been awarded an event of International Tourist interest.