The wines come from our own grapes planted in Chiclana de la Frontera, where the wines are made in the same way as in the Jerez market with the same denomination. More than 150 years crafting. The history of Bodega Primitivo Collantes S.A. dates back to the 19th century, with the arrival of the brothers Primitivo and Tomás Collantes to Chiclana de la Fra., from the Iguña Valley, in Santander.
A few years later they acquired a piece of cellar on Calle Ancha, nº51 in this town, currently their headquarters. This winery is known as “Bodega El Gallo”.
Later, hard work led to the expansion of the business, through the acquisition of a plot of land where the Crianza Cellar for these wines is currently located.
We want to provide a product that has quality, flavour, antiquity and, above all, closeness. We create experiences on the palate. Perfect wines to pair.
The company Primitivo Collantes, S.A. It owns the Pozo Galván (17.30 hectares) and Matlián (19.53 hectares) vineyards in the municipality of Chiclana de la Frontera. They belong to the production area of the Denomination of Origin for Sherry wine.

As a consequence of the historical evolution of these wines, always linked to those from Jerez de la Fra., Sanlúcar de Barrameda or El Pto. de Santa Maria, the term was included in Chiclana de la Fra., in the denomination of origin of the Sherry wine, both for historical and technical reasons.


As in the entire province, Chiclana enjoys a warm southern climate, bathed by the maritime environment from the Atlantic Ocean, which makes it the ideal place for the aging of «velo de flor» wine, essential for the organoleptic characteristics of our wines. That makes our wines light, fragrant, with a clean flavor and slightly bitter.


Viticultural payments of Albariza are very traditional and very old as producers of the highest quality grapes of the Chiclana term. The main characteristic is its high moisture retention power, storing the rain that falls in winter to nourish the vine in the dry months.


Aging is the final stage of elaboration. The so-called biological aging (flower veil) begins, through the Crianzas y Soleras system, until the organoleptic characteristics and analytical indices that define our exquisite wines are achieved.