Honrado Vineyards is the result of a family project between father and son, with a wide range of very different competencies between them, but at the same time complementing each other.
Ruben Honrado, the son, is a great lover of design and marketing, who has traveled the world for his quest, and in the last few years has had the opportunity to be in contact with and explore other cultures, which has allowed him to open new horizons.

António Honrado, the father, is the manager of the famous restaurant «O país das uvas País», who has also been a wine producer for more than 15 years and feels the greatest pride for his humble Alentejo origins, and for all that these lands have taught him to do.


In the quiet Vila de Frades, south of the Serra de Portel, in the municipality of Vidigueira, is the place where Honrado Vineyards develops its project. In this historic environment, the company aims to show the best that is made in Talha wine.


The company logo takes us back to the origin of this winery, representing the silhouette of the Roman Ruins of São Cucufate. A Roman monument built in the 1st century, where the oldest traces of the production of wine in clay talhas were found, and which gives originality to this project.

Facilities and processes:

The winery was inaugurated in 2018 and is installed in a century-old building, which has always served as a winery. This building was remodeled and restored to its original state.
In this «Cella Vinaria Antiqua», the family aims to develop an oenological project inside a centenary building, with history, associated with generations of wineries, and from the features of the primitive construction, which in turn, are inspired by the elaboration of the wine.
The wine is made by hand using the old technique of fermenting the grapes in clay «talhas». This technique dates back to Roman times and has remained the same for more than 2000 years of history, passing from grandparents to parents, and from parents to children.