In 2010, Antonio Barbadillo Mateos, his wife Ángela María Gálvez Lobato and their four sons Antonio, Álvaro, Andrés and Alejandro, launched the project Sacristía AB.

Antonio is a member of the extensive Barbadillo saga, winemakers based in Sanlúcar de Barrameda since 1821. After working for several decades in the legendary Barbadillo winery, he decided to launch his project, where he intends to promote and enhance the value of the great oenological treasures that can be found in the Marco de Jerez (Sherry).
Sacristia AB selects and bottles the best wines from the different areas, maintaining the unique personality of each wine and showing their best qualities (climate, history, varieties and their ageing system of criaderas and soleras).

Sacristía AB markets premium wines from various wineries in the Marco de Jerez, with a limited number of bottles in each product line and aimed at fine restaurants and specialized wine boutiques.