Juan Manuel Burgos Winery was founded in 1996 by Juan Manuel Burgos. Even though his past generations were already dedicated to the world of wine, he spent his childhood and adolescence among the vines, guided by his grandfather, who inculcated in him a love for the land and the world of wine.
This winegrower and oenologist has been able to make a difference in the elaboration of his wines. A very personal way of doing things from the vineyards to the bottling.
AVAN is located in Fuentelcésped (Burgos), a privileged place at the edge of the geographical demarcation of the Ribera del Duero Denomination of Origin, a very special place due to its geography and altitude.


The climate in this area is Mediterranean but with a continental character, and is characterised by moderate to low rainfall, with dry summers and long winters.
There is also a high continentality with large thermal oscillations between seasons.


We have to look back 80 years to when the grandfather collected the genetics of a century-old vineyard to graft, adapt it, and reproduce it again.
It was in the year 2000, after planting new vines by cloning the vines that his grandfather had planted when the first AVAN vintage was born.
The history of the winery has been a continuous process of growth in all aspects. Over the years, the winery has experienced successive expansions until it has become its current configuration.

Vineyards and grapes

Although the regulations of the Regulatory Council allow the use of other varieties, this winery specializes in the production of single varietal Tempranillo wines (also known in the area as Tinta Fina).
The star grape of the Ribera del Duero Designation of origin is Tempranillo, a very complete grape with many virtues, with the potential to produce wines ranging from young wines to wines with great aging capacity. The resulting wines are balanced in acidity and alcohol levels.
In the vineyards, completely natural and organic treatments are applied, using the forces of nature.