Bodega Kieninger is located in Andalucia, in the south of Spain very near to the famous little town Ronda. Ronda is a very traditional place well known because of his old history also the flamenco and the bullfighting.
Bodega Kieninger is situated in the cumber mountains in 800 meter of altitude 15 minutes from Ronda in.
The first plantation was made in the year 2000 and at the present 3 ha surrounds the house and bodega. Because of a great interest in experimentation the plantation is very varied with local varieties as well as French and Austrian stock.
Bodega Kieninger is a family run and owned boutique winery and we produce fruty, spicy and complex red wines.

What makes our wines unique?
* Our small scale of production (max 15.000 bottles a year)
* Individual treatment of every winestump
* All the work with the vine and in the bodega is performed with a respect for natural processes and ecological principles and we follow the criteria established by the Committee of Ecological Agriculture (Certified of CAAE).