Blanca Parejo is a recently created family winery, in which we produce varietal wines with grapes from our own vineyards that we cultivate organically.
We have 4.5 hectares of vineyards on two farms: «El Morisco» in Los Palacios, where we have two white varieties (Viognier and Vijiriega) and «La Dormida» in Utrera, where we currently have three red varieties (Syrah, Petit Verdot and Mollar Cano) that we will expand to four soon.

The winery is located in Los Palacios and has the highest quality instruments, tanks, barrels and cold equipment necessary to obtain wines that maximize the expression of each grape variety with minimal intervention.
From the union of their family vineyards, and their passions, Vicente is a pharmacist and winemaker, and Blanca, an art historian, this project was born, baptized with the name of their daughter Blanca Parejo.
Sevillian winery since 2019 produces a selection of organic varietal wines in an artisanal way, only suitable for sensitive souls and open to new things, like that of its founders.

What you are going to serve in your glass is a declaration of intent. A non-interventionist way of making wine, which tries to transfer the qualities and character of each grape to the finished product.
Blanca Parejo wines take you to the sunny vineyards of the lower Guadalquivir. This result is obtained after years of R&D of its own patent, pure art bottled by hand by grandparents, parents and children.