Badman wines are craft wines made by two young and expert winemakers that learn different winemaking methods from all over the world, with the intention of offering something new and fresh from «Sierra de Ronda». High quality wines, handcrafted, smart, modern and expressive, accompanied by an innovative design.


The winery is located on the way to Fuente la Higuera, a beautiful area close to the city of Ronda. There are lots of trees and the vegetation is abundant throughout the year. The proximity of a river, along with the views of the mountains make the place very beautiful and quiet, is where we carry out the work done during the whole year in the vineyard.

Installations and Processing

Badman was founded with a specific objective, they want to give prominence to the grapes and let them show where they come from, by adapting the winemaking of the different grape varieties depending on their needs.
Fermentations are made with indigenous yeasts from the different vineyards, which give a unique and personal profile to the different types of wine.
During the entire winemaking process at Badman they strive to make the process as natural as possible, they seek minimal intervention in the processes.
The wooden ceilings and wide walls, typical of an old Andalusian farmhouse, keep the temperature stable in the winemaking area and the barrel area so that the wines evolve optimally.
The ageing is carried out in oak barrels of different origins (French, American and Central European) and in oval tanks, which provides an alternative ageing method to the wood.