Bodegas Alcardet is located in Villanueva de Alcardete (Toledo), a municipality located in the heart of Spain – 130 kilometers from Madrid – at an altitude of more than 780 meters above sea level. The Cigüela river crosses the municipal area creating, together with the altitude and the characteristics of the area, a favorable microclimate for growing vines.

The special climate of this enclave and its characteristic limestone soil, requires maximum effort and dedication, generously rewarded by the quality of the wine.


Bodegas Alcardet was founded in 1972 so it combines the experience of more than 40 years of existence together with its young and innovative spirit and with a constant evolution in its years of life.

In its vineyards and facilities you can see its combined commitment to winemaking tradition and the avant-garde of the latest technologies. In the latter, they are a regional benchmark regarding canopy management techniques, viticulture and winemaking.


The grapes with which they work at Bodegas Alcardet come from their own vineyards, taking advantage of the optimal time for harvesting and thus giving the wines the care they need and deserve to maintain their essence and character.
Varieties with which they make:

White wines: Airén, Verdejo, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Moscatel and Viognier.
Reds: Tempranillo, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Garnacha.

At Bodegas Alcardet they have a strong commitment to organic farming and that is why they have created a range of organic wines called Alcardet Natura. Within it, the three wines that compose it have obtained excellent media criticism. They also have the certified carbon footprint for these wines.

They are also a benchmark in the production of sparkling wines «Traditional Method» (Champanoise Method) under the CUEVA Differentiated Quality Mark and the DO La Mancha. Among other recognitions we highlight the La Mancha Grand Selection award as the best sparkling wines in the Community, and a Gold medal in Mundus Vini BioFach 2015 (Germany) for Natura Brut as one of the best organic «Traditional Method» sparkling wines in Europe.


At Bodegas Alcardet they are committed to gender equality in all their departments. They are also committed to reaching all types of audiences, making a difference especially in their wines, always with a modern style and accessible to all consumers.
They faithfully believe that wine is to be enjoyed on any occasion and that it is not necessary to know the sector to be able to enjoy this wonderful drink, of which Spain is the largest producer in the world – and surprisingly – those of us who consume it the least.
Currently, Bodegas Alcardet is in full national expansion, conquering and reaching all corners of our land, but they are also reaching numerous international markets. To do this, they promote support for customers with tastings, commercial events and training, as it is the best way to make themselves known and show the different types of wine they make.
Our styles of wine are in accordance with the moment we are in, tastes, trends, image and price.
They maintain a close relationship with customers as they value their opinion when choosing designs, new wines and styles. They are a basic pillar for the winery together with distributors and importers as they are in charge of giving the go-ahead to their products.Hence his continuous advice and opinion.
The idea of Bodegas Alcardet is to transmit its message in a simpler, clearer and more direct way since in the past the wine sector sent a wrong message, confusing the consumer and seeming a sector that is very difficult to understand and not very accessible.