EXPO IBERIA is a company specialised in sourcing organic, biodynamic and sustainable wines from undiscovered Protected Designation of origin (PDO) and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) from the Iberian Peninsula.

We help importers source unique wines from Spanish and Portuguese producers, through different value propositions. In most cases through the understanding of the terrorir, the revival  and preservation of autochthonous grapes and the search for the most appropriate vinification techniques.

We help wineries transmit their stories, in some cases starting off their export strategy from the scratch and in others complementing their international presence, tapping into mature and emerging markets within all the key sales channels: off-trade, on-trade and online. 


Importers: Helping importers source unique wines from our forward-looking winemaking partners 

Wineries: Supporting craft producers find the most appropriate international importers


Importers: Being the referent Wine Representation Agency for wineries that challenge the status quo

Wineries:  Be the go to Export Representation Team when producers want to start their export strategy or complement their existing one


Mutual success: Making sure importers succeed by bringing unique wines that the new consumer segment are demanding

Trust: Ensuring importers and growers the best quality services

Dynamism: Constantly searching for the latest tendencies, innovations and elaboration methods

Scalability: Helping importers and producers gain traction through channelled scalable relationships